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Hi y’all!  It’s nice to meet you! I’m Elizabeth.  I love champagne, chocolate, Tex-Mex, wine, cheese, pasta, cookies, margaritas…


I grew up in Houston with a restauranteur dad who did some very cool things such as provide four flavors of butter on each guest’s table and help pass legislation allowing Texans to order liquor by the drink.  Thank you for that one, Daddy! My life has always been about food, and it is what continues to guide me through life. Whether preparing the next meal for my family of six or planning the next date night with my husband, I’m preoccupied with food, flavors, and chef creativity. You know I like you when I cook for you, bring you a treat, or invite you to happy hour.  Food is truly my love language.


I enjoy exploring the expansive restaurant and bar offerings in Houston and in my happy place, the 30A beach area of Florida. While I devour Houston more often, I enjoy seeking out spots in Florida, too.


I appreciate the creativity of others and am more of a recipe congregator. I will credit each one accordingly. The meals I cook for my family and friends are tried and true, and I go back to them over and over again.


Thank you for joining me on my adventure as I search for enticing food finds, sip creative cocktails, and learn where foods originated. There is so much to enjoy and so little time!

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