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Best Sandwich in Houston?

The Crunchy Chicken Sandwich from Local Foods Houston
The Crunchy Chicken Sandwich from Local Foods

Best sandwich in Houston, you ask? That’s an easy one: The Crunchy Chicken Sandwich from Local Foods. Hands down, THE BEST.

The Crunchy Chicken Sandwich is not fried. No, it’s even BETTER than fried. Can you believe it? And healthier, too. However, I inevitably always order it because it is just the most delicious sandwich ever.

The kitchen starts with a soft and fluffy Slow Dough Bread Co. pretzel bun. The bread itself has a little crunch on the outside but so soft on the inside. It is sliced down the middle and topped with green-goddess-ranch dressing and nut crumble (toasted sunflower seeds, pecans, breadcrumbs, brown sugar, and salt). Then the sandwich is layered with a generous helping of thinly chopped chicken breast, crisp romaine lettuce, cold tomato slices, homemade dill pickles, and finished off with crushed up homemade potato chips and a slice of provolone cheese.

The Crunchy Chicken Sandwich from Local Foods
The Crunchy Chicken Sandwich from Local Foods

Let me just give a shout-out to the homemade dill pickles for a minute. These pickles aren’t just any dill pickle. They are more cucumber than run-of-the-mill pickle. They add brilliance to this sandwich. You can also order a side of pickles. Yes, you can!

This IS the best sandwich created. I honestly crave this thing so often.

Two sides come with the sandwich. I adore their homemade potato chips with Old Bay Seasoning. These yummy guys pack an extra punch of crunch and flavor. I also really enjoy their red potato salad. It is creamy and fresh with egg, aioli, mustard, dill, and honey. The dill really boosts the flavor to the next notch.

The Crunchy Chicken Salad from Local Foods
The Crunchy Chicken Salad from Local Foods

Watching calories and carbs and want to stick to a salad? Local Foods can deconstruct that delicious Crunchy Chicken Sandwich into a salad. Which one is best?

I’m partial to the sandwich. I think the pretzel bun nicely envelopes the flavors and textures. With the sandwich, one bite provides all the components at one time tied up in a neat present. However, the salad is still excellent! It is a little lighter than the sandwich and still provides many of the flavors and textures. It works well!

So, y’all want to meet now at Local Foods? I’m ready!

Local Foods has several locations, my neighborhood location:

Local Foods Tanglewood 5740 San Felipe Street Houston, Texas 77057 713-789-0642


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