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Dona Maria Mexican Restaurant

Front of Dona Maria Mexican Cafe
Dona Maria Mexican Restaurant

If you are from Texas and anything like me, Tex-Mex is in your blood. Looking for a new eatery to try? Look no further than Dona Maria Mexican Restaurant on Navigation in the historic East End.

Dona Maria was founded in 1988 by Maria Pineda. Hence the name Dona Maria. In 2005, Anna and Juan Hernandez took over the restaurant adding their own personal recipes and touches to the menu. Anna is from Houston, and Juan is from Mercedes in the Rio Grande Valley. Their cooking is legit Texas Mexican American. It is the food their families made as they were growing up, and it is delicious!

Dona Maria chips and salsa
Dona Maria salsa served warm and perfect!

The salsa is served warm, and the chips are the perfect thickness/thinness.

Dona Maria Plato Grande
Dona Maria Plato Grande - All of this!

The Plato Grande included 1 crispy taco, 1 cheese puff, 1 enchilada, 1 tamale, rice, and refried beans. This plate of love was delightful and had a great deal of food for an excellent price of $12.95!

Dona Maria Fajita Plate
Dona Maria Fajita Plate

The Fajita Plate came with beef or chicken fajita meat, grilled onions and bell peppers, rice, refried beans, pico de gallo, and guacamole. It was mouth-watering delicious.

Dona Maria is known for breakfast and breakfast tacos. We visited for lunch and loved every moment. The ambiance is homey, with humorous sayings on the walls and a love for Astros and all things Houston. This family-owned establishment oozes homemade food, family recipes, Houston friendliness, and delicious recipes leaving you wanting more.

Closed Mondays Open all other days 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Dona Maria Mexican Restaurant 2601 Navigation Boulevard Houston, Texas 77003 713-224-3317


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