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Home Slice is now home in Houston!

Homeslice Pizza
Home Slice Pizza

Home Slice Pizza, a staple in Austin for years, is now making their second home in Houston. How lucky are we? This pizza. THIS PIZZA. It is my most favorite pizza of anywhere.

Home Slice Pizza Pepperoni Slice
Home Slice Pizza Pepperoni Slice

Just look at this slice! The crust is thin and super crispy. It is the crunchiest crust ever, but still a little bit of chewiness. It is not hard like a cracker. It. Is. Perfection. This piece contained the perfect amount of crunchy crust, salty cheese, zesty sauce, and flavorful pepperoni. Eating this pizza is an amazing experience. And, should you not need or want a full pizza, Home Slice sells by the slice, which is so, so nice!

Houston's Home Slice Pizza
Houston's Home Slice

The house salad was cold and fresh. I loved that the onions were thinly sliced and perfectly melded with the other traditional house salad flavors. The salad was a superb compliment to my pizza! And don't forget to start with a garlic knot! These impeccable baked dough knots are garlicky and buttery on top. (Note: if you get a salad, a knot comes with it. Oh, and individual sized salads are big enough to share).

Home Slice Pizza Houston
Home Slice Pizza Houston

Located in Midtown, Home Slice Pizza sits next door to The Breakfast Klub on Travis.

While two of Austin's Home Slice locations have table service, the Houston location is order at the counter. Maybe not the same date night ambiance as having a server, but still every bit as delicious. Wine and Beer is served.

I'm so excited Home Slice is calling Houston home!

Home Slice Pizza - Midtown

3701 Travis Street

Houston, Texas 77002


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