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Little Hen - Afternoon Tea

Little Hen
Little Hen in the River Oaks District

I am in love. Little Hen, located in the River Oaks District, is my new favorite place. This spot has everything I need - champagne, tea, finger sandwiches, scones, flowers, excellent service, and class. If I could just move a mattress inside Little Hen, I would be happy living there.

Little Hen offers breakfast/brunch and afternoon tea. However, if you are there for breakfast - you can still order a full afternoon tea spread! Yes, that is true! Isn't that the best?

Little Hen
Tea sandwiches and scones

Afternoon Tea comes with chicken salad, egg salad, and tuna salad finger sandwiches, two lemon-blueberry scones, two macarons, and a chocolate truffle. The scones are served with delicious whole strawberry jam and clotted cream. These scones are soft on the inside with a crunch on top from baking and the sugar granules. I love the crunch. The food is delectable, and a perfect amount is served.

Little Hen
Champagne Candy Cloud

There is more! Little Hen has a signature cocktail that wows! The Champagne Candy Cloud starts with pink cotton candy in a coup glass. The server then pours champagne over the cotton candy, melting the confection into the bubbles. While I think I will stick to unadulterated champagne in the future, the drink was a fun treat. I expected it to be super sweet, and it really wasn't too sweet at all. It is an enjoyable beverage to share with a friend or help celebrate a fun day!

Little Hen
Inside Little Hen in the River Oaks District

The service at Little Hen was fantastic! Our server was friendly, cheerful, and helpful. He set the tone for a wonderful experience. As a matter of fact, all the staff treated us with grace and warmth. I also love that their website says they favor a glamorous dress code. I mean, who isn't up for a little glamour?

Little Hen
Afternoon Tea, any time of day!

I will definitely return to Little Hen and hope to return soon! Little Hen is definitely one of my TOP happy spots!

Little Hen

4444 Westheimer Court, Suite H110 Houston, Texas 77027



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