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Porta'Vino - Hidden Italian Gem

Friends gather at Porta'Vino
Friends gather at Porta'Vino

After our daughters headed to Young Life camp, a group of us headed to dinner last week at Porta’Vino. It was my first time at Porta’Vino, and it was excellent! The restaurant is BYOB (with corkage fees) or order from their wine menu. The menu is Italian. Fantastic, traditional Italian fare.

The owner, Bill Floyd, was walking from table to table, checking on guests. A consummate host, he was telling us about his decades in the food industry and how Porta’Vino was modeled after La Vista. Do you remember La Vista on Fountainview? It was one of my favorite places about a decade ago. La Vista was a warm, neighborhood spot with Italian food and BYOB. Porta’Vino is a good representation.

Porta’Vino’s dining room has an industrial feel tucked into an old warehouse. Yet the vibe feels laid back and homey, like a neighborhood café. We ran into a couple of other friends there we knew. It really is just like a neighborhood spot!

Pepperoni Pizza at Porta'Vino
Pepperoni Pizza at Porta'Vino

While some of my dining companions ordered the pork chops, salmon, and spaghetti and meatballs, I was in a pizza-kind-of-mood. I ordered an old-fashioned pepperoni pizza. You can really judge a restaurant based on their pizza. Like chicken, it is a simple enough dish that you can see the kitchen’s skill shine through. Their pizza was delicious. The crust was perfectly crisp with the right thickness - not too thin, but not too thick. The pepperoni was spicy and cooked well with the crispness I love in each bite. The cheese and sauce rounded the entrée out well. Thumbs up for the pepperoni pizza!

Medium Rare Brownie at Porta'Vino
Medium Rare Brownie at Porta'Vino

I love a group of friends that ALL end with dessert! They have my heart in many ways, but I appreciate them even more since we ALL had dessert! I ordered the Medium Rare Brownie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. It’s a playful name for a gooey brownie. It did not disappoint. It was heavenly. Bill Floyd treated us with individual portions of the Adult Milkshake. Y’all!! This milkshake may be the best I have ever had in my entire life. I want to go back just to get the milkshake! And since it was the last thing I consumed that night, you know it was very delicious (and I was not just hungry).

We had so much fun at Porta’Vino! The service was fantastic. The owner loves his work, and it shows. He belongs in the hospitality business for sure. The food was delightful, and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. I look forward to going back!

Porta'Vino 7800 Washington Avenue

Houston, Texas 77007



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