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Rosie Cannonball is Perfection

Chicken  Basquaise at Rosie Cannonball
Chicken Basquaise at Rosie Cannonball

I’m in love, with Rosie Cannonball.

Rosie Cannonball, owned by the Goodnight Hospitality Group, opened in 2019. It has received rave reviews from my friends and colleagues. I was finally able to visit it for lunch, and I cannot wait to go back again!

I want to try the pizza! The restaurant serves Southern European-inspired food. Think Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal. Plus, much of their menu is centered around the wood-burning oven. So, you know the pizza must be divine. The eatery just smelled of hot, delicious, cheesy, crisp crust pizza. I look forward to sinking my teeth into it. I’ll keep you posted on that!

Rosie Cannonball begins each customer’s visit with a splash of a dry, sparkling rose Lambrusco. It was such a delicious bubble that I ended up having two glasses of it with lunch! Yum! Lambrusco is an Italian red or sparkling rose made from Lambrusco grapes. It can vary in sweetness, and this one was very dry, very brut. It paired well with everything we ate, complimenting it, not competing with the other flavors.

Farm Greens Salad at Rosie Cannonball
Farm Greens Salad at Rosie Cannonball

Not having pizza on my first visit, I ordered the Chicken Basquaise. More on that. But first, I enjoyed the Farm Greens Salad – radishes, pickled shallots, and fine herbes dressing. This salad! This salad was like crack. When the bowl was first placed on the table, I thought there was no way to eat its entirety which looked to serve four people. I was wrong. I could not stop eating this salad! The butter lettuce and greens were crisp, cold, and fresh. The crunchies on top were the perfect compliment to the lettuces and other ingredients like fresh dill and thinly sliced cucumbers. A delicious salad indeed.

Back to the Chicken Basquaise (a French dish). The dish included braised tomatoes, chorizo, and peppers and was served with potatoes. The chicken itself was moist and well-seasoned. The sauce, more of a juice, added to the flavor instead of being the main attraction. The potatoes were perfectly roasted - crisp outside, tender-soft inside. It was a very well-executed dish and was super enjoyable to eat.

Steak Fiorentina at Rosie Cannonball
Steak Fiorentina at Rosie Cannonball

My husband ordered the Steak Fiorentina. This Tuscan recipe was cooked in a grill pan and charred well. The steak was cooked perfectly medium rare with a crunchy outside, yet buttery tender on the inside. It had a very distinct smokey flavor, but not overly so. Served with pickled charred onion and farm peppers, my husband said it was a fantastic piece of meat.

I have talked about the food and have not even mentioned the service. Let’s just say it was top-notch wonderful! All staff pitched in to make the experience magnificent. Our questions were answered with knowledge and enthusiasm. The food arrived hot and with perfect timing.

We truly had a wonderful experience at Rosie Cannonball. I’m definitely going back, and I’m 100% going to order the pizza this next time! Ciao for now!

Rosie Cannonball 1620 Westheimer Road Houston, Texas 77006 832-380-2471


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