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Houston's Most Refreshing Drink

Grapefruit Sangria and Strawberry Mint Lemonade

It’s hot, y’all! If you are in Houston, or anywhere along the Gulf Coast, you are painfully aware of the level of heat we are experiencing. Where can one go to get a refreshing cocktail to beat the heat?

Houston has many outstanding cocktail bars and restaurants with excellent cocktail menus. Houstonians, we are lucky people to have some exceptional proprietors! However, when I want to cool off with a cocktail, I know exactly where to go. I go to Jonathan’s The Rub in Memorial Green.

Houston's Best Refreshing drink: Grapefruit Sangria

Jonathan’s The Rub offers a Grapefruit Sangria cocktail that is cold, light, and refreshing. Using Nue Vodka, grapefruit, lime, and bubbles, this libation really hits the spot at the end of a HOT Houston day! The cocktail is not a sweet, fruity drink, but the fruit of the grapefruit is a nice flavor balance with the other ingredients. It is very easy to drink two of these babies in no time flat! Also, note: for a non-alcoholic beverage, ask for a Strawberry Mint Lemonade. It is also delicously refreshing!

Jonathan’s The Rub is a wonderful neighborhood spot, and all of their happy hour items are tasty and nicely priced. The small plates are only $6 each. My daughter and I shared three light bites: The Loaded Mashed Potato Balls (served with ranch dressing), Chicken Satay (curry and cilantro marinated chicken with Thai Peanut Sauce), and Dumplings (pork and vegetable dumplings, steamed or fried).

Loaded Mashed Potato Balls
Loaded Mashed Potato Balls

All are delectable! I will give an extra high-five to the Loaded Mashed Potato Balls. They were divine! The mashed potatoes within the crispy crust were the perfect consistency and mixed with cheese and bacon. The outside crust was superb - light and crunchy. The balls provide the ideal bite - crunchy outside and soft, creamy potato inside. Heavenly!

Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay - Jonathan's The Rub

The Chicken Satay at Jonathan's is always a favorite of mine. The chicken is incredibly tender, and the thick peanut sauce complements the curry and cilantro marinated chicken. I really enjoy the dumplings, too, full of pork and served with soy sauce. I usually have them fried and prefer that to the steamed.

So, now you know – Houston's most refreshing drink of the summer is the Grapefruit Sangria. Complete the cocktail with a couple of small plates, and you can have yourself a satisfying summer meal for a reasonable price!

Jonathan's The Rub - Memorial Green 12505 Memorial Drive #140 Houston, Texas 77024 713-808-9291


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