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The Citizen for Dinner - Great Call!

Heirloom Tomato - The Citizen

Here is what happens when you enjoy a fabulous meal but then do not write your thoughts down for over two weeks. Eck! I don’t have many details still in mind, but honestly, all you need to know is that the meal was delectable! And I DO remember that.

The Citizen is the newest restaurant in Alys Beach on 30A. The restaurant fits the upscale, lush, sophisticated vibe of Alys. Blues and golds drape the dining room and bar, giving off a somewhat nautical feel, but on a very refined level. The service was impeccable, and we enjoyed meeting other wonderful customers at the bar as well. The company was lovely.

Here are some highlights:

Heirloom Tomato

Heirloom Tomato - The Citizen
Heirloom Tomato - The Citizen

Johnny Cakes, Sweet Corn, PinkEye Peas, Crispy Okra, Buttermilk Dressing.

This dish was deliciously fresh and comforting. I love cornbread and johnnycakes, and this one was nice. It was ultra-crispy and had some chew to it. It did get a little soggy with time with the dressing, but still a big thumbs up! The tomatoes were ripe and freshly picked, crunchy okra, sweet corn, watercress, and the buttermilk dressing. Textures and flavors galore! A tremendous dish!

Maque Choux

Maque Choux - The Citizen
Maque Choux - The Citizen

Maque Choux is a common Louisiana dish. Maque Choux is what happens when Creole and Native American styles of cooking have a baby. Usually comprised of corn, green pepper, onion, garlic, celery, and tomato, this version was a little simpler and very satisfying. Fresh and fulfilling.

Berkwood Farms Pork Schnitzel

Pork Schnitzel - The Citizen

Yukon Gold Potato, Arugula, Charred Lemon, and Dill Cream.

You had me at dill cream. However, the dish was all the way around tasty! The pork schnitzel was nice size piece of meat, fried perfectly. The potato mash had an excellent consistency and complimented the schnitzel well. The bitter arugula and radishes provided a contrast to the other flavors that worked extraordinarily perfectly. Flavor Town in your mouth! Great textures combined to bring happiness.

The Citizen is always a great call to have drinks or a meal. I highly recommend it!


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