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The Cookshack - Houston Heights

The Cookshack logo
The Cookshack is known for their hot and spicy chicken.

The Cookshack, out of Fort Worth, opened in Houston recently. Should you visit? YES! It was delicious!

The restaurant’s atmosphere is industrial but light and bright. The staff was extremely friendly. As soon as we walked in the door, they were welcoming us.

Patrons order at the counter, and staff delivers food to your table. The service was wonderful! Once we had received our food, we were asked a couple of times how our food was. As we left, someone opened the door for us and told us they hoped we would return soon. We said yes!

The restaurant serves hot and spicy chicken – sandwiches, tenders, and tacos. They also have salads (some with grilled chicken, one with tenders). Ribs are also on the menu. Customers customize their food’s spiciness from mild to hot. The mild sauce was spicy enough for me, so I can’t imagine the hot! My husband loves HOT. I cannot wait to take him there and have him taste test the AMF, the spiciest level.

The Cookshack's Chicken Tacos and Texas Caviar
The Cookshack's Chicken Tacos and Texas Caviar

I ordered the chicken tacos. On soft tortillas, cut up pieces of fried chicken tenders, sauce coleslaw, and two pickles made for several textures and flavors. The chicken had a super crunchy outside with tender, white meat inside. The combination of crunchy chicken, soft tortilla, crisp, cold coleslaw, and bite of pickle made for a delicious taste! It was SO GOOD! For my side dish, I ordered the Texas Caviar – black beans, corn, onions, jicama, and cilantro. It was delectable! The vegetables were fresh and crunchy. A scrumptious, yet healthy, side. A win-win!

The Cookshack's Chicken Sandwich and Fries
The Cookshack's Chicken Sandwich and Fries

My friend ordered the chicken sandwich. The sandwich included a large fried chicken breast - crunchy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. The sandwich was also topped with sauce, coleslaw, and pickles. It was super enjoyable! He ordered a side of fries, which were cooked perfectly. Crisp outside, soft inside with enjoyable seasoning.

I recommend The Cookshack! I look forward to returning. The experience was all around awesome!

The Cookshack - Houston Heights 4015 Washington Avenue Houston, Texas 77007


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