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The Rustic - For Brunch!

Let's Jam Brunch at The Rustic

I love the idea of The Rustic - live music, food, and drink. Not only do I like the idea of a family-friendly music venue, but I really like the place itself. Live music + delicious food is always a good combination. However, it can be tricky to find. Bars with live entertainment have, well, bar food. Sometimes that’s a win, but usually not. High-end venues with live music can get expensive and not always have that casual vibe. That is why I like The Rustic. It’s not a dark, drunk-fest bar, yet it is relaxed and appeals to all ages.

The food at The Rustic is pretty good. While they do serve lunch and dinner, my favorite time to go is weekend brunch. You can order a few items al la carte, but the brunch menu is basically a prix fixe opportunity. For $17.95 per person, each diner is served a cornucopia of delectable treats!

“Let’s Jam” includes a small portion of many items served family-style. Do not be misguided – their small portions are still a very good-sized portion. You will most likely be full after this brunch!

Included in brunch:

Cheese and fruit: local cheeses, honeycomb, berries, and crackers – the honeycomb is the best part! Avocado Toast: wood-grilled baguette, extra virgin olive oil, chives, cotija cheese. Yum! Country Baked Eggs sharp white cheddar, chives & organic baby spinach – much like a frittata. Green Salad with Lemon Dressing – very lemony and fresh Butchershop Skillet bacon & sausage from Hudson Sausage Co. Hot Chicken Nashville-style spicy fried chicken & dill pickles – definitely spicey!! But I LOVE THIS DISH! Baby Fried Toast hand-cut challah, soaked in vanilla custard & topped with house-made rosemary syrup – this is a really lovely French toast and very satisfying. Smoked Cheddar Grits polenta cakes with roasted poblanos & smoky cheddar on sausage gravy. Not traditional grits; they were cakes, as the description denotes. While I really, really love traditional southern grits, these were still yummy. Daily Doughnuts small batch doughnuts freshly baked. Not my favorite item on the list, but mostly because everything else is so delicious. And, the French Toast quells my sweet tooth.

Daily Doughnuts - The Rustic

All this conversation has focused on the food, and I haven’t even mentioned the music! I guess that just shows you my priority is on FOOD! However, what really makes The Rustic fun and unique is the live music. Their upcoming event schedule is online, so you can see who is playing. I have found all the musicians to be top-notch.

The Rustic is an enjoyable way to celebrate a Saturday or Sunday. Just the environment alone seems jovial, cheerful, and friendly. The brunch cornucopia is an excellent combination of many flavors and textures dedicated to brunch fare. The music compliments the experience.

I highly recommend The Rustic for that happy weekend vibe with friends.

The Rustic has four locations – Dallas, San Antonio, and two in Houston. The Post Oak Houston venue, located in Uptown Park, is “my Rustic,” so I am providing that information below.

The Rustic – Post Oak 1121 Uptown Park Boulevard, Suite 4 Houston, Texas 77056 832-321-7775


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