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A Tale of Two Desserts - Tony's & a'Bouzy

You have had a wonderful evening out. Dinner was fantastic. The company and fellowship were even better! You do not want to go home yet. Not yet! You want the evening to linger a little longer. So, you decide to get dessert. Where should you go?

Dessert Gallery, The Chocolate Bar, and Tiny’s Milk and Cookies are great places to grab a sweet treat and take it on the road. Or to eat your treat at the venue.

However, if you want to go a little fancier with a server and adult beverage choices, consider Tony’s for souffle or A’bouzy for donuts. I recommend a glass of champagne with each as well!


Tony's Grand Marnier Souffle
Tony's Grand Marnier Souffle

Do I need to say more than Tony’s + souffle?

I have had the privilege of enjoying Tony’s souffles since I was a little girl. The first souffle I tasted was the orange flavor of Grand Marnier, and today, I still stand by that it is the most outstanding flavor.

Tony’s souffles are light and airy in the textbook perfect way. Yet, there is a substantial-quality to them: I can sink my teeth into the French-created, egg-based dessert. The outer layer has a crisp chew to it; the inside is fluffy and cloud-like. The pastry chef is magic in their commingling of these qualities. The Grand Marnier cream sauce is rich and luscious and genuinely makes the dish the delectable dessert that it is.

Tony’s has been open for 56 years. I quite literally grew up going to Tony’s. I celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and just about any other occasion that I could talk my parents into taking me there. I even had visits written up in Maxine Messenger’s society columns back in the day. Life at Tony’s was a big deal and will always be some of my fondest memories. I’m still creating memories there by taking my own children and scheduling date nights there as well. Tony’s offers a full menu for lunch, happy hour, and dinner. Whichever meal you chose to dine at Tony’s for, ensure you order a souffle.

I am a chocolate girl, but a Grand Marnier souffle from Tony’s is maybe my favorite dessert ever. Ever. Couple it with a glass of champagne, and I’m the happiest girl ever. Ever.


a'Bouzy Donuts
a'Bouzy Donuts

Coincidentally, a’Bouzy is a French restaurant that knows its way around a champagne bottle, or two, or 250 bottles! A’Bouzy is another fantastic option for an evening dessert. I recommend the donuts. These donut holes are substantially sized balls of lightly fried dough perfectly constructed and served warm with cinnamon, powdered sugar, and vanilla ice cream.

A wonderful experience ensues when you sink your teeth into the warm dough conjoined by soft vanilla ice cream. The donut texture provides a nice crunch with the sugar coating on the outside, hitting your mouth in one graceful movement.

A’Bouzy is a “champagned fueled concept” that is based on the French Champagne town of Bouzy. The restaurant offers 250 bottles of champagne and sparkling wines. Hello Happiness! They have a full menu for brunch, lunch, and dinner. But dessert and champagne are a fun way to keep the evening roaring!

I would say life is short; eat dessert first, but ending the night with dessert is a pretty phenomenal way to cap off a fabulous evening! Cheers!


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