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This is it! Four Cheese Lasagna!

Four Cheese Lasagna

Is there anything that screams a family dinner or comfort food more than a big pan of bubbly, creamy lasagna? I absolutely love a square of the ooey, gooey, cheesy, and meaty dish. Lasagna is a crowd-pleaser for sure. I make this recipe regularly for friends that come over for dinner. I always receive rave reviews and requests for the recipe. And, bonus - this recipe calls for extra-lean meat and low-fat cheeses!

Did you know that lasagna originated in Ancient Greece? The word lasagna comes from "laganon," which refers to thin sheets of pasta cut into thin strips. Laganon was a dish of pasta strips layered with sauce but did not contain the cheeses and meats we know today. You may find today’s lasagna spelled lasagna or lasagne. In the U.S., you will most likely see it spelled lasagna (Britain tends to use lasagne).

The recipe below is from the Kraft kitchen and uses cottage cheese instead of ricotta. It is a nice twist on the original. It also calls for four, yes, FOUR, kinds of cheeses! Yummers! And, l really appreciate that the recipe calls for a jar of spaghetti sauce to make the recipe even more effortless.

It's easy to make enough to double the recipe

You’ll see that the ingredients list cooked lasagna noodles, but I use no-boil noodles. Not only do they make life so much easier since boiled noodles can be very sticky, but no-boil noodles

tend to absorb the sauce better, too. A win-win!

Mix four cheeses then add a slightly beaten egg
Mix four cheeses then add a slightly beaten egg

Grab your family and invite your friends for a big pan of this delicious lasagna! You will be so glad you did.


  • It is extremely easy to double this dish and make two pans at once for big groups.

  • Stir the cheeses together first, then add the egg that is already slightly beaten.

  • Spray the foil with cooking spray before using to cover the lasagna to help prevent the foil from sticking to the melted cheese on the baked lasagna.

  • I recommend the petite diced tomatoes rather than the regular sized diced


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