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Tiny Champions! - Serves Champion Pizza among other fabulous dishes and drinks!

Pizza at Tiny Champions
Pizza at Tiny Champions

I must confess, my memory is all I have to go on here. I had the most wonderful dinner with friends at Tiny Champions a few days ago. We ate delicious food, drank luscious cocktails, laughed, and felt valued by our server’s impeccable attention. Then, I lost my notes. Therefore, I cannot tell you many details about flavors, textures, and ingredients, but I can tell you that I loved this little place and will be returning!

Located near BBVA Compass Stadium, Tiny Champions is a part of the dynamic, growing EaDo area of Houston. They serve small plates, pizzas, and a few pastas. Their bar is ready for any craft cocktail suggestion, and their wines, considered natural (minimum intervention in the fermentation process), are poured expertly.

Cocktails at Tiny Champions
The Room with a View and The Velvet Rope

Tiny Champions’ cocktail menu shows experience and exudes depth. While I had a glass of the Azimut “Brut Nature” Cava, my friends savored the Velvet Rope #2 with mezcal, manzanilla sherry, lemon + watermelon and The Room with a View, made with bitter Collins, Campari, dry vermouth, and vanilla. Both drinks were refreshing, light, and good summer sips! The Velvet Rope #2 was garnished with a pickled watermelon rind, which was very unusual but a fun new flavor! My cava was a lovely dry, light, crisp bubble.

Braised Cheek at Tiny Champions!
Braised Cheek at Tiny Champions!

The food was exceptional! My friends, and my husband, started with the Braised Pork Cheek with basil almond pesto and sweet and sour plum. First off, this dish was gorgeous! Look at those colors! My husband said it was the best thing he ever ate. Pretty good recommendation there!

Pizza at Tiny Champions!

Let me just say the NUMBER ONE MENU ITEM that Tiny Champions’ has going for it is THE PIZZA! This crust was extraordinary! The most perfect crisp crust I have tasted with a pizza. Thin, but not too thin. It was not cracker-thin; the crust still had a slight chew to it. The crust was the perfect consistency through the edge. The chefs painted this delicious crust with an ideal amount of sauce and cheese. The toppings were delectable, too!

The Radiator Pasta Dish at Tiny Champions
The Radiator Pasta Dish at Tiny Champions

Finally, let me describe to you the most unusual dish that really worked! The Radiator – a pasta dish with braised octopus, calabrese chili (pork and beef), and croutons. The al dente rotini pasta paired well very well with the octopus and calabrese in tandem. From an octopus connoisseur at the table, this was an impeccable dish with an unusual way to serve octopus.

Our server was FIRST CLASS! He was ready with recommendations and smiles and was very efficient in taking our orders and being prompt. Kudos to the service!

Tiny Champions is owned by the purveyors of Nancy’s Hustle. I had an abysmal experience with Nancy’s Hustle this past Spring, swearing I would never return. However, Tiny Champions has redeemed the ownership team. Tiny Champions was fantastic! From the atmosphere to the food to the service, this little restaurant in EaDo is a new favorite!

Tiny Champions! 2617 McKinney Street Houston, Texas 77003 713-485-5329


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